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By | August 20, 2021

Today we will discuss Dnata company and Dnata jobs. Dnata is an air travel agency that has managed to build a global network and various airline services. The company name is abbreviated to Dubai National Air Travel Agency.

The name of the organization is Dnata.
Job Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Diploma / Degree Education Requirements (Equation)
Experience depends on the job.
Salary will be discussed during the interview.
Included benefits.
Jobs posted on August 20, 2021.

Danata Jobs:

Data historical background:

As the name suggests, it was originally a national travel agency. Started in Dubai in 1959, the company had no more than 5 employees. But after years of hard work, their efforts paid off. They made their first international expansion in 1993.

Since then, they have continued to achieve a variety of successes. By the end of 2015, he covered his operations in 84 countries and worked in 6 countries. In these countries, they were able to serve more than 150 different airlines. In 2018, he also co-founded the Aviation Catering Association in Belgium.

The company is now operating at Dubai International Airport with more than 41,000 employees from different regions. In addition, many other employees provide services at 127 other international airports.

What kind of enthusiastic people can apply?

In addition to being a travel agency, they provide cargo services at the airports, flight catering services and much more. The nature of their services requires specialists to work closely with skilled workers. This creates a balance of expertise and knowledge in the work environment.

Benefits of working with Dnata:

The company offers many benefits for its jobs in Dubai. Some of the benefits that Donata offers for jobs are:

  1. Life insurance.
  2. Award
  3. Travel at a discount.
  4. Social events.
  5. Retirement plans
  6. Holidays
  7. Health insurance

All these benefits of Dnata career jobs make these jobs in Dubai very attractive to everyone.

Jobs with Dante can be a life-changing moment for new applicants, skilled and experienced people in the aviation industry due to their attractive salaries and amazing benefits.

Latest Jobs in Dnata 

Operational Quality Assurance Auditor —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Innovation Project Manager  —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Senior Vice President of Emirates Cargo —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Junior Technician —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Health, Safety, and Environmental Reporting Specialist —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Senior Director of Global Insurance and Operational Risk —- Dubai —- Apply Now
Deputy Head of Department of Aviation Services —- Dubai —- Apply Now


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