(1200 QAR + Accommodation + 3 times free food)
Loading & unloading of cargo from vehicles
Carrying / moving furniture, other equipment,
goods from one location to another
Ability to keep tab of where items are placed at the location
Physically fit and should have basic communication skills in English
Please send your CV to: [email protected]
on or before 23rd Sep2019
(1200 QAR + Accommodation + 3 times free food)
Please send your CV to: [email protected]
on or before 23rd Sep2019


• Pro-actively sells merchandises

• Increase company revenue through sales maximization and marketing

• Ensure high levels of customers’ satisfaction through excellent service and answering to their queries.

• Complete store administration and ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

• Maintain outstanding store condition and visual merchandising standards

• Report on buying trends, customer needs, profits etc.

• Deal with all issues that arise from customers (complaints, grievances etc.)

Day to day sales report including daily cash handling.

• Weekly/Monthly inventory of stocks.

• Make sure the store is stocked, clean and in proper working order.

• Coordinates with and report to senior management in the company.

• Making sure it runs smoothly, cleanly and meets any budget or sales goals



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Powerful Tips for a Job Interview

Powerful Tips for a Job Interview

You have applied for jobs, and now you got an interview call from the company, what is next? Now it is the right time for you to get prepared for your interview. Even if you think you know everything, still you need to get yourself prepared for the better interview. We have seen the sharpest and best-qualified job hunters even prepare themselves for the job interview. Why? They learn interview skills, and you never get a second chance to improve yourself in the same interview. Your first impression is your last impression; that is why everyone needs to learn these tips to get successful in their interview. We are giving you ten tips for a Job Interview. These Powerful Tips for a Job Interview will guide you to answer properly to the questions of the recruiter and convincing him that you are the best for the job.

If you want to sound intellectual, then you should have a strong foundation of information on the company. Search the company’s website and additional circulated materials, search engines, and inquire questions regarding the company around your friends and family. Also, you should comprehend about the job opportunity, the requirements of the profession, and the culture of the company, the background of the person will conduct an interview. The more research you lead, the more you will understand the company, and you will have the option to respond to all the questions in a much better way.

Dress Appropriately

Plan out a closet that fits the company and its culture, taking a stab at the most expert appearance you can achieve. Keep in mind that it is in every case, preferred to be overdressed over-under and to wear apparel that fits and is spotless and properly pressed. If you want to wear jewelry or any other accessories, keep it at the minimum level. Do whatever it takes not to smoke or eat directly before the interview.

Listen More

When the interview starts, the interviewer gives you information about the market and organization directly or indirectly. On the off chance that you do not hear it, you are passing up on a significant chance. Listening is a part of good communication, so you need to hear everything with open ears. Watch your questioner, and match that smartness and pace.

Do Not Speak Too Much

Listen more and talk less; only talk about the relevant things. Do not mention or talk about unnecessary things. Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a lethal misstep. Get ready for your interview by understanding through the job position, coordinating your abilities with the job position’s necessities, and involving only information regarding this.

Be on time and organized for the Interview

There is no reason ever for showing up after the expected time for an interview. Always try to reach before 15 minutes of the time that has been told to you to get done with your paperwork and other important things. Showing up somewhat early is likewise an opportunity to watch the elements of the work environment.

Know the importance of body language

While the matter of your interview reactions is foremost, poor non-verbal communication can be an interruption at best or an explanation not to procure you at the very least. Powerful types of non-verbal communication incorporate smiling, eye to eye connection, strong stance, strong listening, and gesturing. Unfavorable types of non-verbal communication incorporate slumping, looking off out yonder, playing with a pen, squirming in a seat, sweeping back your hair, contacting your face, biting gum, or muttering.

Use of a proper Language

It is given that you should use skillful language during the interview. Know about any unseemly slang words or references to age, race, religion, governmental issues, or sexual direction. These points could send you out the door rapidly. So, make sure you use the proper words and do not be blunt in front of the interviewer.

Try not to be excessively well-known

The interview is a proficient meeting to talk about business. This is not tied in with making another mate. Your degree of recognition should imitate the interviewer’s attitude. It is essential to carry vitality and energy to the meeting and to pose questions; however, do not exceed your place as an up-and-comer searching for an occupation.

Try to ask more intellectual questions

Studies constantly demonstrate that companies make a judgment about a candidate’s enthusiasm for the activity by whether the interviewee asks questions. Consequently, regardless of whether the enlisting administrator was careful in their discourses about the employment opportunity and what is normal, you should ask some of the questions. This shows that you have done your exploration, and you are interested. The brilliant job-seeker plans questions to pose to days before the meeting, including any extra questions that may emerge from the interview.

Sell yourself and afterward get done with the deal

The most qualified candidate is not generally the person who is employed; the successful competitor is frequently the job-seeker who does the best occupation reacting to inquiries questions and exhibiting their fit with the job, department of the field, and company. Some compare the prospective employee interview with a business call. You are the salesperson, and the item you are offering to the business is your capacity to fill the company’s needs, take care of its issues, and move its prosperity.

At long last, as the meeting winds down, get some information about the following stages simultaneously and the timetable in which the business hopes to use to settle on a choice about the position.
Tips for a Job Interview

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