Going for an Interview? Interview Tips for College Students

By | August 1, 2021

Are you ready to finish your last semester of college and go to the job market for an interview or maybe you want a summer job to prepare for your future and earn some extra money? Either way, you’ll probably need to take part in a job interview to get this position.

Interview Preparation Tips

interview tips


Before you go to this first interview, you need to prepare. Here are some basic tips to help you to get success.

Get help

Make your College Career Service Center your first stop when you start preparing for a job interview. In this office, you will find counselors who can advise you on what to wear, the types of questions to ask, and how to prepare for them. These centers often offer mock interview sessions so you can practice answering questions and feel how your interview is progressing.
Bonus tip: Career service centers can offer interview etiquette and tips on how to end it and follow up with the company.

Do your research

Before starting the interview, you will need to do some research about the company and the job. Learn about the company’s key products or services and learn how the company is organized. Determine the number of employees and learn about its history and future goals. Most of this information can be easily found on the Internet, but you can also find alumni working for the company or search for information through business databases and print media.
Bonus Tip: The College Career Services Center can help you with your search or you may be able to set up with alumni who have experience with the company.

Prepare for possible Interview questions

Although many interviewers will ask specific questions directly related to the job, you may also be asked some general questions that apply to many different situations. Here are some common interview questions you may be asked:

  1. How did your university experience prepare you for the job market?
  2. What are your professional goals?
  3. Why did you choose your major?
  4. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

By drafting answers to common questions in advance, you can show potential employers that you are serious about the interview and the job. In addition, preparing these questions can help you learn how to better organize your ideas and make your answers complete and easy to understand.
Bonus Tip: College Career Service Centers have a list of questions that you can ask during the interview. You can also find sample questions online.

Ask questions

During the interview, ask questions. Try to ask good questions that indicate that you have done research on the company and the job. You can also ask general questions about training, continuing education, or job responsibilities. By asking questions, you are showing the interviewer that you are capable of taking the initiative in a situation where you are interested in the position.
Bonus tip: Arrange some questions in advance, so you don’t struggle to come up with ideas during your interview. Get ideas from online resources or talk to a career counselor at your school.

Be confident

Confidence can help you win the interviewer and potentially get you a job. When you enter a room, you want to look as if you are comfortable in the situation. Start by shaking the interviewer’s hand vigorously and keep eye contact and speak confidently throughout.
Bonus Tip: Follow these steps with your roommate or go to your Career Service Center for a mock interview.


Before leaving the interview, get a business card or contact information from the interviewer. Follow up immediately with an email or thank you letter. You can reaffirm your interest in your position and mention some of the qualities that make you fit for the job. This is a good time to ask any questions during the interview.


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