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We remind potential applicants that the new law explicitly provides that for an application that is meritorious but does not score the 67 points, the immigration officer may exercise positive discretion. This beneficial flexibility is maximized by the correctly formulated professional application prepared by a credible Canadian immigration law firm.

Please note that approval is available from HRDC (Human Resources Development

 Canada) and can add 10 points in the Arranged Jobs category 

and points in the Adaptability category, 

and we frequently help our clients apply for it.

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Agreed Jobs IN CANADA (Maximum 10 Points) 
Do you have an agreed HRDC-validated jobs in Canada, including sectoral confirmations 
are you excluded from HRDC certification under international agreements
(e.g. NAFTA) or substantial gain (e.g. moved intra-company)?

SPOUSE'S (including common-law partner) EDUCATION (Maximum 5 points)
ADAPTABILITY (15 points maximum)

Are you Looking for jobs in Canada?

Learn about job search skills, how to get a job, the standards of the workplace, and the Canadian culture of the workplace. You’ll need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada. As soon as you come to Canada, apply for a SIN.

Get important information on working in Canada

You have many resources that you can use to help with your job search in Canada, including:

immigrant-serving organizations that offer:

    • Abstract writing
    • Job search training
    • Other services to help you find

Job Bank, which provides free occupational and career information on working in Canada, such as:

    • Jobs
    • Sales
    • Main Duties
    • Employment Trends
    • Educational requirements

Service Canada, which has essential information on searching and applying for newcomers ‘ jobs on the website of your province or territory.

Search and apply for a job

Search a job in Canada

There are many ways to look for work, such as:

    • Research companies in which you want to work:
      • Check the jobs they post on their
      • Please contact employers directly to ask if they are hiring
    • Go to work fairs in your city or town, where you can meet employers and discuss
    • Browse Job Search Websites and Classified Section Newspapers to see who
      • Job Bank has up to 2,000 new jobs posted each day.
      • has jobs for the federal public service.
    • Use the Job Search Agency to call or visit the Service Canada Center near you for lists of government employment services and training assistance
    • Ask family and friends if they know about open jobs that many jobs aren’t advertised, you’re just going to learn about some jobs by talking to
    • Other resources: Job Bank Jobs for Newcomers to Canada’s Top 100 Employers Welcome to Canada Guide

Apply for Canada jobs

Once you find a job you’re interested in, you’ll usually need to apply by sending the following

    • The cover letter, which is a short description of what makes you the right person to
    • résumé, which is: also referred to as a “curriculum vitae” or a V. List of your skills and work experience

The resources listed in the Get important information about working in Canada can help:

    • Find out more about writing a summary and a cover
    • Get ready for an interview

After you apply for Canada job

Based on your résumé and cover letter, the employer will decide whether to invite you to a job interview. Interview with the job:

    • Gives the employer a chance to: meet and ask questions to see if you’re right for a
    • Helps you: Learn more about your job and decide if you want to work for that

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